GROHE Red Duo Βρύση και μπόιλερ L size

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Switch to a GROHE Red Duo kitchen tap and enjoy the convenience of boiling water in an instant

Fit the GROHE Red Duo kitchen mixer as part of your kitchen layout and notice an instant difference in ease of use. GROHE Red Duo gives you water heated to 100° at the push of a button – so no more hanging around for the kettle to boil. The boiling water is perfect for making tea and coffee, but also filling pots and preparing meals. The boiling water function is activated via the child-safe touch buttons. The high L-shaped spout makes filling pots easy, and it has a swivel range of 150° for extra flexibility. GROHE SilkMove ensures smooth, precise lever operation. Safety is paramount with this product – the mixer features an automatic, illuminated GROHE ChildLock function operated via the touch buttons. Rated A for energy efficiency, the boiler can also be switched to Holiday Mode, where the temperature is limited to 60° C. Instantly providing up to 5.5L of boiling water, the boiler is made of titanium for excellent corrosion protection and the tap’s dazzling, durable GROHE StarLight chrome finish will stay pristine for years to come. The GROHE Red filter also reduces limescale and heavy metals in the water, prolonging the life of both tap and boiler. Customers may want to also purchase the Coldfill Mixing Valve (40841001) to replace your kitchen tap for open water heaters, which mixes mains water with boiling water to give you warm water immediately too, meaning no waiting for water to heat up, and less water wasted.

  • GROHE Red Duo single-lever sink mixer
  • L-spout
  • GROHE ChildLock push buttons for boiling water
  • TÜV certified triple electronic safeguards against accidental activation of boiling water
  • Φινίρισμα GROHE Long-Life
  • GROHE SilkMove με κεραμικό μηχανισμό 28 mm 
  • μονωμένο σωληνωτό στόμιο
  • εύρος περιστροφής 150°
  • separate water ways
  • εύκαμπτοι σωλήνες σύνδεσης
  • GROHE Red boiler L size
  • reservoir for boiling and hot water
  • 5.5 liter 100° C boiling water
  • 7 liter total capacity
  • required inlet pressure: 1-7 bar
  • with flexible connection hose and outlet for boiling water
  • έγκριση βάσει Ευρωπαϊκής Συμμόρφωσης (CE)
  • power supply 230 V 50 Hz
  • μέγιστη κατανάλωση ρεύματος 2100 W
  • standby power consumption 15 W
  • energy efficiency class A
  • GROHE Blue S-Size filter starter set
  • for protection of the boiler from limescale
  • χωρητικότητα 600 λίτρα στους 20° dKH
  • flow rate measuring unit
Θέση-Αρ. Περιγραφή Προϊόντος Αριθμός Ανταλλακτικού
*Ειδικά εξαρτήματα
1 Δακτύλιος στερέωσης 07419000
2 Κάλυμμα/ τάπα 46581000
3 Λαβή 46957000
4 Μηχανισμός 46580000
5 Φίλτρο ροής 13999000
6 Μονάδα λειτουργίας 46997000
7 Boiler Size L 40831001
8 Safety group 48371000
9 S-size filter starter set 40438001
9.1 Κεφαλή φίλτρου 64508001
9.2 Φίλτρο μεγέθους S 40404001
10 Βαλβίδα ανάμιξης 40841001*
11 Φίλτρο μεγέθους L 40412001*
12 Φίλτρο μεγέθους M 40430001*
13 Φίλτρο ενεργού άνθρακα 40547001*
14 Φίλτρο GROHE Blue 40575001*
15 GROHE Blue Magnesium Φίλτρο 40691001*

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