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Vitalio Comfort 100 Σετ βέργας ντούς με τηλέφωνο τριών λειτουργείων

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Versatile and luxurious, the GROHE New Vitalio Comfort 100 shower rail set is packed with features

The GROHE Vitalio Comfort 100 shower rail set will look at home in any modern bathroom, but it’s the smart features and great versatility are what will really impress. The shower kit contains a 100mm hand shower, 600mm shower rail, a convenient GROHE EasyReach tray and 1750mm Vitalioflex hose. The hand shower comes with 3 spray options, to suit every mood – the soft, relaxing Rain Spray, the oxygen-infused light Rain O² Spray and the muscular, pulsing Massage Spray. For the eco-conscious the GROHE EcoJoy 9.5 l/min flow limiter function saves water and money without compromising on performance, while GROHE DreamSpray technology ensures an even, powerful flow from each nozzle. Cleaning is easy with the SpeedClean anti-limescale feature which lets you clean the nozzles with a simple brush of your finger, and a ShockProof silicone ring prevents damage if the showerhead is dropped. A super-insulated Inner WaterGuide prevents the surface from getting too hot, preventing scalding and helping to maintain the lustrous, super-durable GROHE StarLight chrome finish. he GROHE QuickFix system with adjustable upper bracket allows for installation in existing screw holes. It is suitable for installation with an instantaneous heater.

  • αποτελούμενο από :
  • hand shower Vitalio Comfort 100 (26 092 000)
  • shower rail 600 mm (27 724 000)
  • shower hose Vitalioflex Trend 1750 mm 1/2" x 1/2" (28 742)
  • GROHE EasyReach tray (27 725 000)
  • GROHE Water Saving 9.5 l/min flow limiter
  • GROHE DreamSpray perfect spray pattern
  • Φινίρισμα GROHE Long-Life
  • GROHE FastFixation upper bracket adjustable

  • SpeedClean σύστημα αποφυγής αλάτων ασβεστίου
  • Inner WaterGuide for a longer life
  • suitable for screwing (including screws and dowels) or gluing (GROHE QuickGlue S2 41 245 000 sold separately)
  • holding force: max. 20 kg
  • the specified holding capacity is valid for static (slowly applied) load and intended use only
  • κατάλληλο για ταχυθερμοσίφωνες
  • 5 color packaging
Θέση-Αρ. Περιγραφή Προϊόντος Αριθμός Ανταλλακτικού
*Ειδικά εξαρτήματα
1 Στήριγμα βέργας ντους 48095000
2 Ρυθμιζόμενο Στήριγμα τηλεφώνου βέργας 12140000
3 Στήριγμα βέργας ντους 48097000
4 Φίλτρο ακαθαρσιών 0700200M
5 δίσκος αντιστάθμισης 48051000*

Installation Instructions

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