Euphoria 110 Massage Σετ ράγας ντους 3 σπρέι

Αριθμός προϊόντος

The versatile and water-saving Euphoria 110 Massage set – made in Germany by GROHE!

It looks great, delivers a wonderful shower experience and the price is amazing! The elegant GROHE Euphoria 110 Massage shower set adds instant style and comfort to your bathroom. The kit contains a 110mm hand shower, a 600mm rail and a 1750mm hose. And it’s packed with a lot of smart features. GROHE EcoJoy limits water flow to 9.5 l/m which saves water and money without compromising performance. You can choose which of the three sprays suits your mood best: the soothing Rain Spray, the SmartRain Spray with less water or the revitalizing Massage Spray, that pulses to relieve tension. Plus the GROHE SprayDimmer allows you to smoothly reduce the flow rate even more. GROHE DreamSpray technology ensures an even distribution of water to all the spray nozzles. Thanks to the convenient GROHE EasyReach tray, you also have your shampoo and shower gel at your fingertips while the TwistFree function helps you to keep the shower hose under control – so no more tangles and twists! The SpeedClean silicone nozzles ensure you have maintenance under control as limescale is easily removed with a quick wipe. Installation is also swift and easy thanks to the GROHE QuickFix system, that has an adjustable upper bracket, so you can fit the rail using existing holes.

  • αποτελούμενο από :
  • hand shower Massage (27 239)
  • shower rail, 600 mm (27 499)
  • Silverflex shower hose 1750 mm (28 388)

  • GROHE EasyReach tray (27 596)
  • GROHE Water Saving 9.5 l/min flow limiter
  • GROHE DreamSpray perfect spray pattern
  • GROHE SprayDimmer (Stepless flow rate reduction)
  • Φινίρισμα GROHE Long-Life Shine 
  • GROHE FastFixation upper bracket adjustable

  • SpeedClean σύστημα αποφυγής αλάτων ασβεστίου
  • Inner WaterGuide for a longer life
  • TwistStop για την αποτροπή\nτης συστροφής του σπιράλ
  • κατάλληλο για ταχυθερμοσίφωνες
  • ελάχιστη πίεση 1,0bar
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1 Στήριγμα βέργας ντους 48098000
2 Στήριγμα τηλεφώνου βέργας  48099000
3 Στήριγμα βέργας ντους 48100000
4 Φίλτρο 0700200M