Euphoria System 150 Σύστημα ντουζ

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Experience pure showering joy with the sleek and stylish GROHE Euphoria 150 shower system

The GROHE Euphoria 150 shower system with thermostatic mixer will bring luxurious showering to the next level in your bathroom, as well as adding a sleek modern look. The GROHE TurboStat technology offers precise control and guarantees a constant temperature throughout your shower. The GROHE SafeStop lets you set a maximum water temperature of 38˚, while SafeStop Plus offers a further optional limit of 43˚. The shower system contains a 150mm Euphoria Cube head shower with a 450mm Comfort Zone swivel arm, and a chic, height-adjustable Euphoria Cube stick hand shower with a 1750mm Silverflex twist-free hose. The head shower features the luxurious, nourishing Rain Spray pattern. The AquaDimmer feature lets you switch easily between the head and hand shower. In both hand and head shower GROHE DreamSpray technology ensures that the flow from each and every nozzle will be just right, making your shower as comfortable and enjoyable as can be, while the hand shower is fitted with an GROHE EcoJoy 9.5l/min flow limiter, guaranteeing a perfect, powerful spray while saving you water and money. The shower’s SpeedClean nozzles are designed to brush free of limescale with a simple wipe, and the durable but dazzling GROHE StarLight chrome finish keeps the whole set looking stunning. For safety, a super-insulated Inner WaterGuide prevents the surface from getting too hot, protecting both your skin, and the lustrous chrome finish. This exposed-thermostat shower is designed to be wall-mounted. Upgrade this shower further with a GROHE EasyReach tray (26362) to hold your shampoo and soap within comfortable reach, sold separately.

  • αποτελούμενο από :
  • horizontal swivable 450 mm shower arm
  • exposed Safety Mixer with Aquadimmer function
  • allows change between:
  • head shower Euphoria Cube 150 (27 705 000)
  • spray pattern: Rain
  • maximum flow rate (at 3 bar): 8 l/min
  • με σφαιρική ένωση
  • rotation angle ± 12°
  • hand shower Euphoria Cube Stick (27 698)

  • maximum flow rate (at 3 bar): 12.5 l/min
  • adjustable in height with gliding element
  • Silverflex shower hose 1750 mm (28 388)

  • GROHE TurboStat compact cartridge
  • GROHE Water Saving - Less water, perfect flow
  • διακόπτης ασφαλείας σε 38° C
  • GROHE SafeStop Plus optional temperature limiter at 43°C included
  • GROHE DreamSpray perfect spray pattern
  • Φινίρισμα GROHE Long-Life
  • SpeedClean σύστημα αποφυγής αλάτων ασβεστίου
  • Inner WaterGuide for a longer life
  • TwistStop για την αποτροπήτης συστροφής του σπιράλ
  • suitable for instantaneous heaters from 18 kW/h
  • minimum flow rate 7 l/min.
  • optional upgrade: GROHE EasyReach tray (26 362)
Θέση-Αρ. Περιγραφή Προϊόντος Αριθμός Ανταλλακτικού
*Ειδικά εξαρτήματα
1 Μεταλλικό χερούλι 1/2" 47984000
1.1 Καπάκι 6458500M
2 Δακτύλιος στερέωσης 47743000
3 Θερμοστατικός μηχανισμός 1/2" 47439000
4 Έδρανα 47398000
5 Παροχή νερού 47751000
6 Ροοστάτης ροής νερού 12433000
7 Βαλβίδα αντεπιστροφής 47189000
7.1 Φίλτρο ακαθαρσιών 0726400M
7.2 Βαλβίδα αντεπιστροφής 08565000
7.3 O-Ρινγκ Ø17 x Ø2 0305500M
8 Σύνδεσμος σχήματος S 12662000
9 Βαλβίδα αντεπιστροφής 08565000
10 Ρυθμιζόμενο Στήριγμα τηλεφώνου βέργας 12140000
11 Φίλτρο ακαθαρσιών 0700200M
12 Μόνωση Ø18,5 x Ø12 x 2 0138900M
13 Φίλτρο ακαθαρσιών 0676800M
14 Στήριγμα βέργας ντους 48279000
15 δίσκος αντιστάθμισης 27180000*
16 Κλειδί 19332000*
17 Special spanner 19377000*
18 GROHE TurboStat μηχανισμός 1/2" 47175000*
19 Προέκταση συστήματος ντουζ 48053000*
20 Προέκταση συστήματος ντουζ 48054000*
21 Βραχίονας για συστήματα ντους 14047000*