Power&Soul 130 Στήλη ντουζ 

Αριθμός προϊόντος

GROHE Power&Soul hand shower set with 130mm hand shower head and 600mm shower rail – style and pure luxury!

Revitalize your bathroom with the stylish and versatile GROHE Power&Soul hand shower set, which not only saves water but delivers premium performance you can trust. To ensure a hassle-free installation, the QuickFix system includes wall-mounted brackets that can be adjusted on the 600 mm shower rail to use existing drill holes, reducing fitting time and the risk of damaging bathroom tiles. This set has a 130mm hand shower with four combinable spray patterns that can be selected with our one-click system. So simply choose the spray to suit your mood – the Rain spray, which is as soothing as warm summer rain, the soft and gentle GROHE Rain O², the Bokoma Spray massage spray or the powerful Jet spray. And thanks to GROHE DreamSpray the flow through every nozzle is balanced for truly luxurious showering. The scratch resistant GROHE Starlight chrome finish is super easy to clean with a quick wipe of a dry cloth and will sparkle beautifully for years to come. Power&Soul – for luxurious showering.

  • αποτελούμενο από :
  • hand shower Power&Soul 130 (27 673 000)
  • shower rail, 600 mm (27 784 000)
  • με στηρίγματα τοίχου
  • Silverflex shower hose 1750 mm (28 388)

  • GROHE Water Saving 9.5 l/min flow limiter
  • GROHE DreamSpray perfect spray pattern
  • Φινίρισμα GROHE Long-Life Shine 
  • GROHE FastFixation Plus adjustable distance between brackets for fixing to existing drilling holes
  • SpeedClean σύστημα αποφυγής αλάτων ασβεστίου
  • Inner WaterGuide for a longer life
  • TwistStop για την αποτροπή\nτης συστροφής του σπιράλ
  • κατάλληλο για ταχυθερμοσίφωνες
  • ελάχιστη πίεση 1,0bar
Θέση-Αρ. Περιγραφή Προϊόντος Αριθμός Ανταλλακτικού
*Ειδικά εξαρτήματα
1 Καπάκι 45922000
2 Στοιχείο ολίσθησης 48177000
3 Στήριγμα βέργας ντους 48333000
4 Φίλτρο 0700200M
5 Δίσκος εξομοίωσης 45914XE0*