Rainshower System SmartControl Mono 360 Σύστημα ντους με θερμοστάτη για επιτοίχια τοποθέτηση

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GROHE Rainshower SmartControl 360 MONO Exposed – the state-of-the art shower system with intuitive controls

Looking for a shower system that offers maximum comfort and intuitive controls in an unique design? This is how you want to shower: The innovative SmartControl technology allows you to select and combine head and hand shower and to adjust the water volume at the push-turn of a button. 360 mm wide, the XXL head shower with a stylish white spray plate will envelop your whole body in a soothing water flow.* The hand shower comes with our convenient one-click spray selector to offer you a comfortable and relaxing experience with a choice of four different spray patterns – GROHE Rain O2, Rain, Jet and Bokoma Spray – that will both relax and refresh you. For your ultimate comfort, it also provides the added option of combining the different spray patterns. And for total safety, the integrated GROHE TurboStat technology prevents unpleasant temperature fluctuations. The GROHE SafeStop button protects your skin from scalding, and thanks to GROHE CoolTouch, the thermostat will never be too hot to touch. Plus the water-saving GROHE EcoJoy feature contributes to environmental conservation. GROHE Rainshower SmartControl – state-of-the-art technology, made in Germany. * For the head shower, GROHE Rain O2 or PureRain can be selected as spray pattern (to be decided at first installation; factory default setting: GROHE PureRain)

  • αποτελούμενο από :
  • horizontal 500 mm shower arm
  • exposed SmartControl Safety Mixer
  • allows change between:
  • head shower Rainshower Mono 360, spray plate white
  • GROHE PureRain/GROHE Rain O2 spray*
  • Power&Soul 130 hand shower, spray plate white (27 673)
  • hand shower wall holder (27 055)
  • Silverflex shower hose 1750 mm (28 388)

  • minimum flow rate 10 l/min.
  • GROHE DreamSpray perfect spray pattern
  • Φινίρισμα GROHE Long-Life
  • GROHE CoolTouch no risk of scalding
  • GROHE TurboStat compact cartridge
  • GROHE Water Saving - Less water, perfect flow
  • διακόπτης ασφαλείας σε 38° C
  • GROHE SafeStop Plus optional temperature limiter at 43°C included
  • GROHE SmartControl push for ON-OFF, turn for volume adjustment from GROHE Water Saving to Full Flow
  • GROHE EasyReach shower tray
  • SpeedClean σύστημα αποφυγής αλάτων ασβεστίου
  • Inner WaterGuide for a longer life
  • suitable for instantaneous heaters from 18 kW/h
  • TwistStop για την αποτροπήτης συστροφής του σπιράλ
  • * to be decided at first installation; factory default setting: GROHE PureRain
  • Φινίρισμα GROHE Long-Life
Θέση-Αρ. Περιγραφή Προϊόντος Αριθμός Ανταλλακτικού
*Ειδικά εξαρτήματα
1 Θερμοστατικός μηχανισμός 1/2" 47439000
2 Μηχανισμός 48297000
3 Βαλβίδα αντεπιστροφής 4901000M
4 Βαλβίδα αντεπιστροφής 08565000
5 Φίλτρο ακαθαρσιών 0700200M
6 Κάλυμμα 48482000
7 Κλειδί 49059000*
8 GROHE TurboStat μηχανισμός 1/2" 47175000*
9 δίσκος αντιστάθμισης 26385000*
10 Προέκταση συστήματος ντουζ 48349000*
11 Προέκταση συστήματος ντουζ 48350000*